This year

I have successfully completed a semester of Creative Arts at Wollongong University. The focus was on textiles….fantastic inspiration and certainly right up my interest alley.

I have dyed yarns in the past but have never focused on dyeing as such – our first subject being Shibori tipped me into a whole new world of wonder.

This was my major work – with the theme of PLACE – and how to describe/show my place in the world.

I used my Grandmothers cloth napkins, some embroidered, some not, folded into origami patterns, some shibori dyed, to show ‘my place’…organised into sections, boxed off, some finished, some not even started…a bit like my life at the moment.

I’d love to delve into shibori a lot more – I was so intrigued by the wonderful images of completed works that I found. It was very very inspiring.

Interesting Links

World Shibori Network


Beautiful example on Flickr

to be continued….

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