Its hard to condense information to work out just what you are thinking….

I spent a wonderful week away, with all sorts of different people. I’ve come home to so many thoughts spinning around in my head it is hard to make it stop.

First up, I was able to catch up with a wonderful Weaverwho so very kindly and so very cruely let me use her Saori loom and got to look at this wonderful weaving in the above photo.

This loom is a basic 2 shaft loom but thats where the ‘basic’ part ends. This loom is pure Japanese wonderment (its a word you know) – simplistic in design, easy to use, amazing features…sigh. And a price tag that requires me to save.

But until I get my hands on one, and I plan to in the next year, I will have to daydream.

Here is the Australian Distributor, Curious Weaver, and her wonderful blog/online store.

Here are a few examples of other wonderful Saori weavers.

What is Saori weaving exactly? Well the thought is to weave without constraints, without pressure for perfection, and to just enjoy the process. I think sounds just like my weaving to a tee. (And it was featured in the wonderful Entangled Magazine).



3 comments on “Sometimes

  1. 2paw says:

    Sounds like a perfect break, I know how you love to have new creative thoughts and processes!! I think it sounds like you to a tee too!!

  2. Donyale says:

    Miss 2 paw. You found me. xxxx

  3. sampling says:

    Did not mean to be cruel, but it is beautiful! Can’t wait till you get your hands on one but in the meantime, whenever you are in Melb, you can come and pet it!

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