I was famous?  heheh

Great article – but – shudder – I’m thinking that all subjects of photos should reserve the right to get in there and crop and photoshop their little hearts out!.

In case you are wondering – here’s the link to the RED POINT ARTISTS ASSOCIATION (and that’s my studio on the right with the red shop front.

(OMG. Illawarra based fibre-artist)

I love it out there.


4 comments on “before

  1. RoseRed says:

    Looky you! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Madmad says:

    Yay! And I think the photo is fabulous – and I LOVE that artist’s community! One MORE reason to go visit!

  3. 2paw says:

    Wow, you are indeed famous!! I love what you said in the article and I am so glad you love having your special studio!! You look very chuffed!!

  4. amy says:

    Oh, the whole thing is so wonderful! An artists’ community…wow. What a fabulous thing to be a part of!

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