lost your Mojo?

Well you can find the pattern for the socks HERE!!!!

I can finally say that Yarn Magazine approached me a few months ago to feature my Mojo Socks in their magazine.

Today when I went out to the studio they had sent a copy to me of the most recent issue (don’t know if it has hit the shops yet).  How cool was that?

A nice double page spread of my Mojo socks pattern and some shots of various peoples versions knit up. (There is over 1200 people that have knit this on Ravelry so far! That is AMAZING to me….I remember being excited when 100 people knit it).

The big bonus was that they mentioned CHARITY WATER too (the pattern is free on Ravelry so I wasn’t paid for the inclusion but I did stipulate to use the pattern they would need to mention the Charity Water link). Sweet.

Sigh. Wonderful stuff.


4 comments on “lost your Mojo?

  1. RoseRed says:

    Hurrah! How exciting!

  2. Donyale says:

    I know right? I was flattered because it was unsolicited AND I got a chance to promote Charity Water too.

  3. celia says:

    Hurrah!! The magazine has landed. Well done!

  4. Donyale says:

    Thanks Celia, a regular and wonderful contributor of Yarn yourself. How many years ago were we matched up for Secret Pal? Thanks for stopping by.

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