I’ve always loved the ‘2 lounge-room’ aspect of my house, but with certain changes in my life, I have had to re-jig areas of the house to make it work better.



Instead of the usual lounge-room configuration of ‘lounge/tv/entertainment unit’ I now have my office and workspace set up.

I can almost put my hands on anything if and when the creative muse strikes.

If the kids have taken over the Main lounge, I can retreat to my space and work on whatever my hearts content is that day.

The overlocker is set up, beside the sewing machine.

The knitting machine(s) reside in a handy spot.

The Majacraft wheel is close to the fibre.

The loom is near the boat shuttles and, sigh, all that Habu/Dairing lushness. I think that is my favourite part – a new use for the ‘entertainment unit’  – a visual yumminess of all the fibre I am yet to work up into things for NEED=WANT and Moggy and Me.

 I’m finding that the only hinderance is the departure of said ‘creative muse’.

I’m sure it will return at some stage but I am thinking with the lead-up to Christmas plus all that other life stuff (school, after school activities, drama rehearsals, Nippers, 7-a-side soccer, BIKRAM YOGA…a certified convert I am) etc etc etc, well it’s a struggle.

But I remain positive.

I mean.

It has to come back at some stage, right?


3 comments on “NEWSTOODIO

  1. sampling says:

    I hope that your creative mojo is back soon, I tend to go through phases as well. Leading up to the holiday period certainly does not help. I find that sometimes, even just one seam in sewing or a small step in planning the next project is satisfying and can slowly build up the enthusiasm again!?
    Beautiful space though……

  2. 2paw says:

    I must do something with my spare room, I want what you’re having!! It looks great, really compact but very usable. I hope you get your muse is back soon!!

  3. RoseRed says:

    It looks fantastic! So well laid out!

    Sometimes I think the creative muse deserts you (the general you, not you specifically!) just when you have things all organised like this – as if to say “ha! I do. It work to your command, I come and go as I please!”. I am sure she will return, no doubt when you least expect it!

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