Travellers Blanket – part 1

Why hello…


A couple of weeks ago I chanced upon an entry on Facebook on the Sloth Cloth Page….mentioning a Travellers Blanket course….

Since the crafting mojo seemed have all but deserted me I did a little sniffing around and loved what I saw. A lovely concept, I could imagine myself plopped on the couch of an evening, sewing bit by bit, a little story into a blanket that in the winter months I could drape over myself. I think what I liked the most was that this was a big project, but a project with heart, and most of all, a project that was intuitive, little snippets of work, with no real plan.  JUST THE SORT OF PROJECT I LIKE. (One without a recipe or pattern).

I slapped my money down and beat a hasty retreat to Spotlight to find the cloth that I needed….and eagerly awaited the start date and my first ‘class’ to hit my inbox.

When it did (two days ago) I thought long and hard (for about an hour) about what my blanket would be and what story it would tell. What story did I WANT my blanket to tell? Nothing was concrete.

Yesterday when I was walking down the beach, a beautiful thought formed. I thought about the beach, the beach which has always been in my life, even though I have been away from it for long stretches.

The colours were amazing. Vivid deep dark sea blues, into light greens, waves splashing at the edge. It seemed the right combination for me.

I remembered the wonderful Soothing Waters Shawl that I made so long ago and the colours of it….still my favourite colours. That deep dark teals moving into pale blue and back into Teal.  When I think of the complexity of that project (beginning with the fact that I used Optim fibre that apparently doesn’t take colour well), fibre dyed with intent to fade in and out, spun in such a way to replicate this fading of colours, and then woven to achieve that wonderful saturation of change, I am quite amazed. I rarely revisit a pattern or concept, so can’t see myself ever redoing it…but thought this project could be a good way to replicate the thought process.

I gathered rocks from the seashore as I walked, and when I got home I shibori wrapped many of them in the piece.

My thoughts with the blanket are/is

  • A graduated colour – deep dark teals to light blues
  • Many many many marks made in the bottom third of the piece…rocks wrapped in the piece
  • Gradual lessing of rocks/marks through the second third of the piece
  • Little or no marks on the top part of the piece.

I guess it symbolises my life in the place I live. Brought up in the area, ways of life and ideas – all foundations of who I am (symbolised by the density of the rocks/marks in the bottom third of the piece) and with gradual softening of marks/thoughts/ways of life…as I make my way through it. Perhaps it symbolises my journey through life in the crafty/artistic way….many thoughts and ideas, pummeling my brains with ideas, concepts, so many things to do and not enough time.  And my thoughts now. About picking projects I want to do. Thinking about them. Taking time to make marks on pieces with intent.

Well. Thats my thought process at the moment.


2 comments on “Travellers Blanket – part 1

  1. 2paw says:

    And a very intriguing and ‘you’ though process it is too. I love the idea of suing the rocks in the dyeing process. I think it sounds like a perfect project and I love the colours of course!!

  2. RoseRed says:

    You are so creative, I really envy that. I love this idea. Perhaps the top part represents all the stuff (the rocks) that you leave behind as you grow as a person and go through life. Leaving you free to float above it all, as you do in the top of the water.
    Hope we will get to see the finished object!

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