Let the sewing begin

Part of this project is to follow Dijanne and her wise words about the process of this project.

I must admit that I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be with the dyeing of the blanket. I wanted it to be more definite in its graduation from dark to light, but when I saw Hamish snuggled up under it the other day I was pleased.

I can see that it is lighter at the top near his face, and the graduation into darker blues is nice and subtle.

I think this shot shows it a little better.

We watched Captain America on the weekend and I sat and sewed around the edges of the top, middle and bottom pieces, all hand dyed by me, without the need to sew in straight lines or even worry about the edges. In fact Dijanne had mentioned NOT to worry about the edges, that this would all become part of the process.

And so I purposely let the blanket fall with a longer piece of the flannel (the middle) sticking out at the end.

And around the corners I sewed in little circles or without clear direction. It was quite liberating. I had initially planned on machine sewing it all, but then thought that really, the thought behind this project is to take time, enjoy the making of it and see what happens.

I’m liking it a lot (and so is Hamish! But he can’t have it)


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  1. 2paw says:

    Poor Hamish, having his blanket hopes dashed!! I think it is wonderful to be able to just let the blanket grow as it will, in a kind of organic way. Nice to enjoy the journey to the blanket’s end!!

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