I’m reminded….

…..How much I enjoy weaving when I pull out my loom.

I often wonder, once I get started, why I waited so long in-between projects.

I have so many lovely snippets of yarns that blend together beautifully and really enjoy the internal ponderings of what to use as warp, what combinations as weft, but the bit I enjoy the most is NOT planning what order things happen on the loom.

The yarns are complimentary to each other, so I’m not limited by colour palette, and I love the Saori philosophy of just letting the weave happen and enjoy the process.

This is one I am working on at the moment – the first of many I want to get ready for a visit to the Flying Pig Precinct to find new homes for themselves……but then again, when they are finished they are often hard for me to let go.

I overheard a lovely friend talking yesterday about a scarf I wove her for her 40th birthday. She was saying that my scarf is one of the few scarves she wears over and over again. I thought that was a lovely compliment.

Funny enough – that project was illuminating to me at the time. I purposely let all the edges go sloppy, with bigger sections at the selvedge just all loopy and certainly not taut. I was in a local weaving club, an experience that was not at all a good thing (mind you there are always good eggs in amongst bad and I certainly learnt a lot about human nature so I shouldn’t label the experience as all bad), where such beautiful traditional and very tidy weaving was the norm.

I remember thinking then that I was on such a different path with my weaving. Although I sincerely admired the skills of some of the ladies and their traditional weaving it wasn’t something I aspired to and that was before I knew about Saori weaving….it must have been something I was always drawn towards…..sigh.  Only a few more months till I collect my Saori loom from the wonderful Kaz. Can’t wait.