Making time

I’ve moved my studio back to my house in the last few months. It takes a lot of getting used to in one way.

A studio for me is a place where I can everything I want to work with and on in one place. All at my fingertips. No wondering where this is or that is.


And in many ways I am finding that having it at home is perfect for me. Having everything at a studio 10 mins away didn’t work for me. When the creative muse appears I need to work on whathas caused that spark IMMEDIATELY. No putting it off or changing focus because I can’t find what I wanted to work on.

But the downside is that it is solitary (I witter away to myself at the best of times…I figure its a like thinking out loud, or going mad. One of the two)…and although this might initially be bad, its only downfall is that I am not surrounded by creative folk. I did love Creative Arts at Uni for that purpose – it forced me to be creative around others and be influenced by others. BUT – having said that, I love the quiet process of bringing something to ‘life’ – out of my brain and into being.

The only other downside to being at home and working is that the house and studio are connected.

To get to one I walk through the other.

That means if the house isn’t tidied up a little, and ODDLY if the dishes aren’t done and the sink isn’t clean I can’t start. It’s almost like a process I have to go through.

I map out thoughts, and time.

I then go through the house and put the washing on, do the dishes, close the kids bedroom doors (heh heh – there is only so much I can do), a bit of the ‘spit-spot’ clapping of hands and then I come out the studio and start.

Yesterday, after watching this video and daydreaming about my loom, I cleaned up my stash of yarns.

SO now, rather than daydreaming about acquiring so many different yarns to work on, I can look at assorted collected yarns and threads I have, and enjoy them. (I am NOT going to think about the 2 bags of yarns I threw out about 2 months ago – that would be stupid).

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