a new challenge

I will always classify myself as a beginner weaver….maybe because I am self-taught, garnering ideas and hints, tips and methods along the way, but never having sat in front of a teacher, and learnt the basics…..

Over the past, say, 9 years (wow, where did that time go) I have picked up knitting (after a break of 20 years), attempted crochet, thrown myself into spinning fibre, dying fibre, and weaving fibre. Plus sworn at knitting machines and their secret ways.

But, although I get immense pleasure through most of these pursuits, it is really weaving that I always seem to come back to. And feel amazed with the results. And want to push the boundaries, try something else, and without fail am always amazed at the results of a woven project after I have given it a soak/wash and dried it off.

My learning curve is continuing with my new toy.

I’ve never used a warping board before.

The Ashford Knitters Loom and the projects I have created on it never needed one. I’ve had to look up methods on you tube to see what goes where and how it really comes together.

My new toy has this amazing warping board on the flip side of it, but I’ve been a little scared to give it a go. Think it’s time I dipped my feet in the water and dove in.

A dear friend has just had a baby girl. It’s their third baby, and third girl.

I’ve decided to weave something for the Dad. I think the baby always gets the pressies (and I have a coil that I have made that the Mum admired so that is going to be just for her….her ‘push present’ from me). I will add something for the two girlies that have become ‘older sisters’….but Dad, I reckon Dad will enjoy a hand-woven scarf. There will be a back story to it and the way I have woven it.

I’ll show more photos and explain next post. Feel free to leave me your thoughts/tips and ideas to tackle this new skill. I’d really appreciate it.

….to be continued…


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