I read about it all the time – making a swatch (when you knit), keeping a journal (if you are dyeing yarn, or writing a pattern), and making a sample (when you weave).

I, of course, never seem to do this sort of stuff. Too impatient – just want to get on to the main course straight away.

But I just gave it a shot. And guess what?

Great results and great fun.

This sample was all about playing around with a heddle and some spectacular reeds…..and the variations within.

I was easily able to use thick yarns, thin yarns, bobbly yarns (technical term) and make gaps in the warp as well.

Then I decided that every few rows I would change the weft around, insert fibre, switch to laceweight, try some clasped weaving….(what is the technical term for that? Is it interlocking? Have tried googling and don’t seem to get good results for clasped weaving).

And then just for kicks I popped it around my neck – and wore it out as a short scarf.




2 comments on “Samples

  1. Lynn says:

    It’s wonderful! I love what you’re doing with Saori style weaving. It makes me want to skip my chores and sit down at the loom and play.

  2. Donyale says:

    Nothing wrong with that Lynn 😉 I do it all the time….

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