reds on the go

I’m loving this new project of using all bits and pieces of red yarns, thick or thin, thick and thin, shiny, matt, whatever….

I finished the first section/piece and decided after wet finishing (read ‘chucked in the sink, with a spot of detergent and stinky hot water, [agitated like no-one’s business], plunked it in some cold water, put it back in some hot water, took it out and put it in the washing machine to spin the water out and flung it into the dryer to get a little of the water out’)…..I wound it around itself a bazillion times then twisted it around a HUGE bottle of sake, sat it outside in the magnificent autumn sunshine to dry.

Sigh. (It is a really BIG bottle of sake. Peroni for scale)

Then took it off and had a look.

Me likey.

The wrinkles and crinkles don’t show so well in these shots but it is like they are hot steamed into place.

I didn’t want a pristine flat piece – I wanted some interest and character in this piece. (BTW – haven’t tidied this up much – ends and such).

I’m going to warp up again this weekend and get the next section done.


One comment on “reds on the go

  1. lovefibre says:

    Your finishing process sounds very familiar! I love the wrinkles and crinkles.

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